Living for the weekend

There are only nine weekends left before finals, and the tenth weekend was completely finals-free. Aside from a handful of revision questions on Saturday morning, but any work done in bed whilst wearing pj’s really doesn’t count, in my opinion.

I could feel bad about ‘wasting’ the entire weekend when I don’t have a great deal of revision time left, and this week is going to be ridiculously busy because it’s the end of term and I have two presentations and two exams on top of three clinics, three tutorials and wards, and next week is designated boyfriend time, but it was worth it.

I got to see Kate Nash live. She was hilarious, and brilliant, and I had a fantastic time hanging out with two relatively new friends. And we were so close to the front that we got to dance with Kate Nash when she came out into the crowd during one of her songs.

*fangirl moment*


And nothing quite beats singing along to Foundations at the top of your voice and feeling slightly old that the last time you heard it live was aged 18 and yet it’s still awesome.


New Beginnings

So this is the penultimate year of uni for me, nearly over. 65 days until finals. A few months until job applications start.

And I feel like life is slipping away unrecorded. That I’ll look back on this time and wonder what I did, what I thought. Hence the new blog. Trying to keep some kind of record of my life, from medical school to the big wide world.

I think it’s an exciting prospect, finally getting out of uni and working, finally contributing to society instead of just taking from it. I just need to get through these exams and then FPAS and then…. well, we’ll deal with then when it turns up.

And outside of uni? Life is pretty cool. I have an awesome boyfriend, a familiarity with the inside of regional airports, and a dislike of the link between those two things. Just a year of that to go (and then it becomes a familiarity with train stations instead! Baby steps…).

So, we’ll see how this blogging lark goes.