New Beginnings

So this is the penultimate year of uni for me, nearly over. 65 days until finals. A few months until job applications start.

And I feel like life is slipping away unrecorded. That I’ll look back on this time and wonder what I did, what I thought. Hence the new blog. Trying to keep some kind of record of my life, from medical school to the big wide world.

I think it’s an exciting prospect, finally getting out of uni and working, finally contributing to society instead of just taking from it. I just need to get through these exams and then FPAS and then…. well, we’ll deal with then when it turns up.

And outside of uni? Life is pretty cool. I have an awesome boyfriend, a familiarity with the inside of regional airports, and a dislike of the link between those two things. Just a year of that to go (and then it becomes a familiarity with train stations instead! Baby steps…).

So, we’ll see how this blogging lark goes.


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