Our time is running out…

So finals start in like six weeks. Revision is next to non-existent, as is my social life. Congrats, me. Let’s look at last month instead…

April was awesome. My one week of holiday was absolute bliss, and absolutely jam-packed! I live far away enough from my family and a lot of my friends that whenever I head south, I have to fit seeing them all into whatever time I have there!

So, I had a weekend in Brighton, lunch out with my parents, a trip to the Zoo, an all-day shopping escapade with my best friend, cocktails and dinner with another school friend, a journey up to Birmingham (making the most of a 50p return ticket deal!), more drinks with another lovely friend, and lots of time hanging out with the boyfriend, which was really nice.


Cocktails! Happy hour in Farringdon 🙂


Monkeys! I love the little guy with the moustache :3

That week was topped off with a day at the Dr Clarke revision course, which totally fried my brain! I met a 5th year who was doing resits, and a couple of 3rd years who were just preparing early (terrifying!). I feel a bit more prepared for finals now though, at least the OSCE part, though I also now know that I don’t know anywhere near enough about the basics!

Then it was back to uni for my last rotation before exams. I think this sums up that part of my life at the moment:


Two notebooks, three textbooks, my hospital ID card, and a pencil case stuffed with coloured fineliners! My shoulder is killing me…

Time to crack on with some work!





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