Tuesday #1


I find Tuesdays worse than Mondays. Monday at least has some optimism behind it – “yay, it’s a new week!”. Tuesday has already confirmed that nothing exciting is happening this week, so just get your head down and hope for Friday.

In the interests of improving my Tuesdays, here goes an attempt at a regular blog feature…

I’m listening to…

Bastille. I’m so late to the party that I just discovered these guys, but their album Bad Blood is on my revision playlist constantly right now. I love having music to revise to, and something beautiful like this is perfect.

Also loving this remix they did of TLC’s Scrubs!

I’m reading…

Alll of these. And more. Finals revision means no more fiction til summer!



I just got…

My first Filofax! It’s a Personal Chameleon and I love it already! I need to be more organised and my old diary was too small to hold my schedule and my to-do lists, so a planner seemed the right way to go and it looks so much more professional too! I’ll probably post more on this later.


My Chameleon! Isn’t it pretty?


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