Tuesday #2

I’m listening to…

EUROVISION! The boyfriend came to stay for the weekend so we just hung out and watched Eurovision on Saturday night, complete with our very own made up drinking game (‘drink for elk’ was looking like a fail choice until the Swedish self-promo song started…) and singing along in Icelandic, sort of.
LOVED – Greece! Anyone who’s advocating free alcohol is definitely my friend.
HATED – Malta. A poor man’s Paolo Nutini.

Denmark is stuck in my head though! It’s that recorder/whistle bit at the start!


I’m reading…


Thrilling bedtime reading

Yup, my life is just that exciting right now. I’m having a major ‘mare with the SAQ papers in our final, so I got hold of a revision book to go over some extra practice questions.


I just got…

A revision survival kit! Courtesy of my lovely boyfriend, for finals next month. I’m just regretting that I left it all at my uni flat for study leave so I have none of this awesome stuff with me at my placement halls!


Wine, more wine, muchos chocolate fingers, more chocolate, and the (second and third) best men a girl needs in her life!



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