I would lose my head if it weren’t screwed on

I got a Filofax to be more organised. So far, not so good. I now have a to-do list telling me what I need to do, but it hasn’t yet magically translated into this stuff actually getting done. Even staring at that to-do list on a daily basis isn’t helping… Maybe I’m just not focusing enough *stares harder*


006 (4)

Inside front cover of my Filofax


Isn’t it pretty? I’m trying not to fill it with junk, so it just has my NHS organ donor card (in case I get hit by a bus on my way to the library), a discount voucher for Joy, stamps, coloured page tabs, and a gift-tag with a message from my sibling in it.

It’s great for being my diary – I know when I have tutorials, and where. I’m not so sure about the to-do functionality though. I have a to-do sheet inbetween the two pages of my WO2P diary each week, with a completely unorganised list of stuff’. I can see everything I need to do, but without any priority system or tasks being assigned to a time, I don’t feel any compulsion to get them done. That pink post-it note that just says ‘revise: resp, O&G’ isn’t particularly helpful either.

010 (3)

Diary and to-do pages

One thing I do love is that one of my to-do sheets is near the front of my planner with all the details of trains I’ve booked – where I’m going (though not when – maybe I should add that!), where the ticket can be picked up from, and what the collection code is. It means I always know that I’ve got my travel sorted, so I don’t get caught out by missing advance fare discounts, and don’t turn up to the wrong station to get my tickets (given that the two stations I use a lot at the moment are 100 miles apart, this would be a very big mistake to make!).

I also have a notes section planning specific things that are coming up this year, like my job application. It’s nice to have a timeline of when the application deadlines are and when we’ll hear back, and the pages behind it are documenting how I can meet some of the points criteria and which deaneries I think I’ll go for. Later I’m going to include person specifications for the AFP job I want, and how I can meet those.

008 (3)

FPAS section header

And finally, a super important section… My emergency tea bags! Our library makes us pay for hot water, but it’s still so much cheaper than buying hot tea from them, and Twinings is nicer 🙂

015 (2)

Emergency tea! If only I could fit chocolate in here too…

Still pondering how to make my task lists more efficient… I don’t think a filofax alone is going to cut it.


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