Tuesday #3

I’m lusting after…

This ombre jacket from the Kardashian collection at Dorothy Perkins.

I don’t even like the Kardashians (reality tv show of choice: Made In Chelsea, I’m utterly addicted), and I’m not a baby pink kind of girl, but I love this jacket. It would look so good with black leggings and a casual top. I just need to find a way of it not clashing with my hair, which currently looks like this:


Byebye, plans to turn my hair raspberry pink for summer…

I’ve started…

Journalling. I really want a record of my life as it is now, before, during, and after the big job application and the end of uni and the start of actually having to pretend that I’m a real adult. And everything is less terrifying if it provides an excuse to go stationery shopping, and a daily procrastination exercise.

I’m stuck in a remote town for placement so my shopping options were fairly limited to just WH Smiths and Waterstones. I picked up this A6 notebook from Waterstones to be my journal. I love the green accenting, the fabric binding is the same shade as the elastic, and the pages have a little divot so the elastic is never going to slip off. And it’s tiny enough that I can write a few pages easily, so less of a writer’s block trying to fill a page! I’m not the most natural writer (hence doing a sciencey degree where I write less than one essay a year!) so anything that encourages me to keep going is a good thing.


I also picked up this notebook, just because. I was going to use it as a gym log, but I’d rather not end up with a soggy notebook covered in liquid chalk (yet somehow I’ll take my iPhone?! Logic – not my strong point) and I realised that the Fitocracy app is so much better for that, as I can track my progress more easily on that, so it’s now got all my learning objectives for my upcoming exams so that I can tick each of them off as I revise them – only 307 to go…



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