Boots Haul: Vitamin E creams, Good Things toner, L’Oreal Confetti & Collection concealer

Having the BlogLovin app on my phone means I’m reading so many more blogs than I used to, and picking up loads of great ideas and product recommendations. I think these must have been subconsciously still in my head when I popped into Boots today!

First I picked up Boots’ own Vitamin E moisturise lotion. It’s supposed to be a face thing, but I was recommended it by a friend who swore by it as an everywhere moisturiser. It’s got an SPF of 15 so fab for lightweight protection without that stereotypical smell or feel of suncream.


Boots Vitamin E moisture lotion and night cream

It was on 2 for £4 so I picked up the Vitamin E night cream as well. I’ve never been a night cream person, but reading about so many extensive beauty routines involving night cream made me decide to try it out. First impressions – nice unobtrusive smell, thick but smooth texture, and it soaked in well. My face feels moist but not greasy.

I was reading about toners over at The Black Pearl this morning so got myself one to try. It’s Good Things Deep Pore Anti-Blemish Lotion with fig and wild strawberry, and it’s a combo cleanser/toner. I love my Good Things Stay Clear cleanser so was really excited to try this! It smells fruity but not overpowering and it’s a decent sized bottle for the price – I paid £3 for 200ml. I put it on in the evening after my L’Oreal exfoliating face wash, got it across most of my face before starting to think “mmm, that’s a bit tingly”, and then “actually, ouch!”. No idea if it was just my neglected skin acting a bit shocked at getting more proper attention, or the strength of the toner. I checked the ingredients and it’s got witch hazel, alcohol, and salicylic acid, and I think it’s the witch hazel that’s a bit sting-y, because I’ve had a similar reaction to that ingredient in other products. I know it’s super against spots though, so I’m willing to put up with a momentary bit of discomfort!


Good Things Deep Pore Cleanser/Toner

I also ventured into the make-up section, knowing Boots were doing a ‘buy 1 get 1 half price’ deal, and ended up leaving with L’Oreal Confetti nail topcoat and Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Both of these I’ve seen mentioned on so many blogs recently and I’ve been dying to try Confetti! Sadly it’s OSCE (practical exam) week so my nails are bare – I don’t even dare wear polish in the days leading up to the exam as any leftover hints of colour staining can count against me – but I’ll be putting this on for our first post-exam night out! I’ve read rave reviews about the concealer and with my skin in it’s current state I decided it was time to give it a try. I’ve never tried a liquid concealer so I’m intrigued to see what the staying power is like.


L’Oreal Confetti & Collection Lasting Perfection in Light

That’s all for this haul…


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