Summer nails & L’Oreal Confetti

My exams are finally over, so I get to break out the nail polish again! I was planning on using Revlon Vixen as a base to try out my new Confetti topcoat, but the exam overran, a few pre-dinner glasses of wine trumped nail-painting, and I went out with bare nails.

The hangover this morning meant laying comatose on the sofa with Wimbledon on the telly (on mute, clearly – I can’t take the noise the girls make normally, nevermind with gin-head…) contemplating my bare nails and deciding that Vixen is so inappropriate for summer and sunshine. Instead, out came 17’s GoGo, my go-to polish to cheer myself up and perfectly bright to match the weather! And my first attempts with confetti….


L: 17 GoGo
R: L’Oreal Confetti

It’s easier to apply than I expected and a bit of angsty splodging gets it pretty much where you want it. There’s a good mix of large and small dots that give it a more interesting and varied look. My only gripe is that I seem to be getting a lot more black dots than white ones out of it – I’ll give it a good shake and try again another time to see if I can get more of a mix! And I seem to have misplaced my clear topcoat, so it looks a bit rougher than it would normally.


Bright summer nails

Overall I love this, and I can’t wait to try it out over some other colours! I’ve got a Mavala grey in mind that I think would make an awesome almost-monochrome nail.


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