The six month review

Somehow, July is creeping up on us. Half of 2013 is gone already! Where did it go? I guess this means it’s time to look back a bit, look forward a bit, and hope that the forward stuff is an improvement on the back.


The last six months has been the last half of my fifth year at uni. I turned 24, avoided having a crisis over how I’m still in education six years after I supposedly left school, and have somehow emerged from the other side of finals relatively unscathed (potentially scathing results still to come, however).

I got more blog obsessed and decided it was time to try my hand at this again. Ergo, Inner Unicorn. I remain concerned that my various online alter-egos are all rather more girly than anyone who knows me in real life would ever suspect.

The end of my savings account was finally reached. I think the fact that it took five years of uni to get to this point is a minor miracle and that somewhere along the line, some kind of water into wine/ toilet paper into sterling notes event must have occurred to keep this moment at bay for so long.


Firstly, summer! I want to chill out and get my blood pressure back to non-pathological level. De Musset’s sign is not something you want to realise you’re experiencing in the middle of the library. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the boyfriend. Thanks to my parents moving house, I have a new bedroom to set up – my inner interior decorating fiend is gonna come out!

August brings the start of final year, the start of job applications, the start of me having to at least look like I know what I’m doing. I’m starting in a really enthusiastic department, and then 2013 is going to be topped off by an amazing elective.

Yeh, I need to deal with my money situation. Final year means even less contributions from SFE and NHS Bursaries, and the short summer means probably no temporary employment, so I’m turning to eBay to make some extra cash. I’ve got some nice beauty stuff from a Clarins splurge a while back that I’m selling off, and anything I haven’t worn this year is headed that way too.

I always see New Year Resolutions as a bit of a cop-out, as no-one really expects you to make it to February, so I like setting half-year resolutions instead. This half, I’ve making these changes:

  1. My beauty product collection is operating a one-in, one-out policy. The one-out has to come first – I can only replace empties, not buy extras.
  2. However, any money I make from eBay sales can be my little luxury fund for extras.
  3. I’m growing my hair. Every time I’ve tried this before, I cut it off once it reaches my shoulders. Not this time.
  4. Improving my diet. Stop snacking between meals and learn to eat a decent meal instead.

Am I the only one who makes half year resolutions? What changes are you making for the rest of 2013?


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