What’s In My Handbag

I love these posts on other blogs, so I hardly needed any motivation to do one of my own, and then I saw the ‘Win a Mulberry’ competition over at MoneySupermarket.com. Given that one of my new half-year resolutions is to enter more competitions, I jumped at the chance.

So, what’s the handbag? It’s an Aldo Ullum, which I lusted over for precisely as long as it took my bank to change my address details so I could have it posted straight to my uni flat. I’ve been dreaming of a green handbag for years, and I have my sights set on Prada as my first ‘proper’ handbag, so the combo of a green Prada lookalike was too much for my credit card to resist.

My Aldo Ullum! It was love at first sight :)

My Aldo Ullum! It was love at first sight 🙂

And inside…

Inside my handbag.... I'm a sucker for compartmented bags!

Inside my handbag…. I’m a sucker for compartmented bags!

It’s summer, so a slightly different set of contents to what I’d usually carry!

Handbag contents

Handbag contents

The sunglasses are Primark, I’m awful for leaving them everywhere so I daren’t buy pricier ones, not to mention that I love the bright plastic look – these pink ones are my favourites.



I’m trying really hard to take water with me everywhere to resist buying diet coke cans, so my Aldo bag is great as it’s big enough to hold an old Evian bottle easily. The pink bag is my pencil case, with just a few liquid ink pens inside that I don’t want staining that lovely cream interior!

Beauty products wise, I’m pretty minimalist in what I take out with me. Hand cream (check out my post next week here on how many options I went through before settling for this as my takeout cream!), a lipsalve in my favourite strawberry flavour, beauty flash balm, and my special addition for summer – Boots Vitamin E Moisturiser with SPF. I think it’s designed as a face cream but it’s great as a lightweight alternative to suncream for anywhere.

The beauty products I carry

The beauty products I carry

My Filofax (a personal chameleon) is always with me, and I love that my bag has separate pockets so there’s no risk of my Filo getting damaged by my keys or covered in my lunch. I’m a sucker for texture and anything yellow, so when I spotted this purse in Urban Outfitters I had to have it.


Urban Outfitters purse and Filofax Chameleon

My iPhone and I are never separated (he sleeps under my pillow at night), so it’s usually in my pocket rather than in my bag, but I guess it still counts! I’m making an effort to remember to take my proper camera out with me too, so I get better pics than just Instagramed shots, but I often forget. It’s a Nikon Coolpix that I picked up at the airport last year, with a Cath Kidston case. I carry my iPod (an old 2nd gen Nano) as well as a phone, because I know the battery on my phone is next to abysmal so I don’t risk it for music.

Photo 25-06-2013 15 38 19

I’m always amazed by the quoted value of handbag contents but assume I don’t carry that much… I was really surprised to add this all up! I used what it would cost me to replace rather than what I paid for each item, cos my Filofax was a gift, the handbag was on a discount voucher, my Phone is on contract, etc.

Handbag £50
Purse £15 (ignore the contents, they’re negligible!)
Filofax £65
iPhone £500
iPhone case (InCase) £25
Camera £100
Camera case £6
iPod £100
Beauty stuff £35
Pencil case inc contents £8
Sunglasses £2

Total £906

I should probably extend my insurance to cover handbag contents now I know that…


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