A mini stationery haul!

I checked out the Paperchase sale recently and came away with a few little things that I just couldn’t resist!

ImageI’ve been after some index tabs for a while, to organise my Filofax a little better without adding more side tabs, and these little bus tabs were just too cute to resist. They’re stickers that fold in half to sit on each side of a page, and mine show the front and back of different coloured buses! They’re not quite firm enough to be able to flip to a section easily, but they’re great as page markers – I’ve got them marking out the end of my summer holidays, and the page where my blog planning starts, as that’s within a bigger ‘Projects’ tab. Blog planning was also why I needed more ‘to-do’ pages!

ImageI’m using a to-do page to plan out my blog posts, with little spaces to show when it’s written, the photos are done, it’s scheduled to post and on what date, with the tick box at the end to show that it’s gone online. I got the idea off of Practically Pretty, but mine’s a bit less neat and colourful! The ‘To-Do’ section in my Filo houses the rest of my to-do pages, with one per month to list all the tasks I have to complete that month – projects, booking travel for future months, renewing insurance – as well as reminders of things I’ve ordered to tick off when they arrive. Tasks that are date-specific or likely to be done really soon, like sending emails or taking ebay items to the Post Office, just go in my diary on the relevant day to save space.

I also picked up some cards from Paperchase. I tend to buy all my cards from there anyway as I love the designs, so this was just an opportunity to stock up a little bit for upcoming birthdays. As much as I’m trying not to buy things unless I need them, having a supply of discounted cards at home is definitely a good cost saving measure and means I’ll never miss a friend’s birthday from not having time to go out and buy a card.

The one thing I deliberated over loads in the shop was this gorgeous jewellery holder!ImageIt’s so cute! I love that it has lots of space for hanging necklaces and bracelets but also the tray at the base for earrings. It’s painted metal, so fairly sturdy but lightweight. And did I mention that it’s cute? The red hearts are so lovely!

I really did umm and ahh over it but it stayed in the shop… Couldn’t convince myself that red was the right colour accessory for my new bedroom. Still on the lookout for a nice jewellery holder then!

Did anyone else get anything nice in the Paperchase sale?


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