Diets, diets, and anti-diets

I can’t be alone in realising that the fresher fifteen is definitely not exclusive to freshers. My fifth year of uni just finished and, whilst it may not quite be fifteen pounds, I weigh more than I started with. During term I go to the gym three times a week, and occasionally run or swim on top of that. I walk or cycle everywhere because I don’t have a car and public transport is really inconvenient. So by that reasoning I should be fine! The problem is when study leave starts, and I can’t justify going to the gym cos it takes several hours out of my day, and I’m sat at home comfort eating instead.

004 (3)

This was my revision survival package from the boyfriend – awesome, but probably not helping the diet!


This means that the start of summer comes with a harsh reassessment of my size and diet. Yay, I got home and only half my clothes fit properly. I might not have plans to jet off anywhere requiring a bikini, but being able to wander around in shorts and feel good about how I look would be nice.

I had plans to burn it all off with a summer regime of cycling, running, and swimming, since there’s no decent gym facility where we live. All that was kind of trashed by spraining my ankle within 48 hrs of being home (I’m really, really accident prone!). Goodbye summer of exercise… I need a new plan.

Rosie at The Londoner wrote a brilliant post a while back about the Anti-Diet – basically that you don’t need to ‘diet’, just stick to logical rules like only eating when you’re hungry, drop the fake sugar like Diet Coke, and eat good stuff 80% of the time – yay for a cheeky snack allowance!

The alternative was what all my friends are in to this year – the 5:2 Diet. For anyone who hasn’t seen the inside of a book store or a magazine recently, this involves eating perfectly normally on 5 days of the week, and restricting your calorie intake pretty severely (500kcal/day for women!) on 2 non-consecutive days. I guess the idea is that you can cope with one day without much because you can just tell yourself you can eat whatever you’re craving tomorrow, and the calorie deficit works out at an average of 1lb loss a week, which is pretty reasonable.

So like all (ir)rational dieters, I’m mixing it up. I really struggle with long term life change things, and slip into drinking coke and eating cake way too easily. So I’m gonna make a goal to work on that, and also throw in what I suppose is the 6:1 diet – 5:2 but with one less starvation day, cos I don’t have a lot to lose and I want to do it gradually, with as much exercise as my ankle will allow.

So far, so good. I’ve managed my restriction day, with just a hot cross bun (for brunch), a grilled lamb burger and plenty of green veg (for tea), and two biscuits. It wasn’t that hard to do, aside from planning what I could eat during the day to leave room for the dinner calories, but I was pretty damn grumpy by the end of the day! I think my family are pretty glad it’s only one day a week!

Is anyone else on a mission to slim into summer clothes? How are you doing it?


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