A little bit of Muji love

I seem to be able to credit the blogging world for everything I buy at the moment! My first Muji purchase was entirely down to reading about the gel pens on Paperlovestory – they seemed ideal for writing in my filofax and a slightly more grown-up and stylish version of the glittery, smelly gel pens I had as a teenager. So when I happened across the Muji store in Birmingham whilst on a whistle-stop trip cross-country for a meeting, I had to pop in and feed my growing addiction.

Having already got the purple and black 0.5mm pens, I went for a bigger range of colours. I’d been planning on getting the multipack of 12 pens, but there seemed to be a disproportionate number of pink shades in there, so I opted for buying individual pens in a bit of rainbow!


Black, purple, green, pink, blue & red!

I just love the frosted barrel, colour-coordinated tip and mostly incomprehensible Japanese labels! The inks are brilliantly pigmented colours and really accurately matched to the pen tops, so you always know what it’ll look like before you hit the page.


Colour testing

Excuse my awful scrawly handwriting in the picture above – you can tell I’m not far off qualifying as a doctor now! The paper shown is my other little Muji addiction: passport notebooks. I’ve written about this stationery gem before, when I showed you how I used one tucked into the front of my Filofax as a to-do list book. This time I opted to stock up on the navy blue rather than the dark red.


Muji passport notebooks

It’s the middle of summer for me right now, so I’m using these less as to-do lists and more just as a handy jotter to have in the pocket of my filo for notes. It means I don’t have one-off phone numbers or figures clogging up my filo pages, and I’m also using it as a record of what I spend this month so it’s useful to have such a tiny book for these things. At just 24 pages, it really is super slim.

ImageAs you can see, they’re pretty flexible, but without being overly soft and prone to damage. I’d be happy chucking one in the bottom of my handbag by itself, but it fits so perfectly in the secretarial flap of my personal Filo that it’s not going anywhere else!

So, that was what I got from Muji recently. I’m slightly gutted that I didn’t spot this fantastic desk tidy in store though!


London desk tidy from Muji – how adorable?!

Have you been stationery shopping recently? Bought anything awesome?


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