Organic Surge – blissful indeed!

A 75% off sale is too much for me to resist, so when Organic Surge dropped it’s prices recently I was straight in there to try out this brand. I got the Gentle Cleansing Lotion and two pots of the Blissful Daily Moisturiser (and free delivery, yay!).


My Organic Surge goodies!

I’ve never paid much attention to what I’m putting on my skin, but the idea of coating myself in chemicals doesn’t sound great, so I’m excited about exploring organic options. Organic Surge focus on using naturally derived ingredients and no parabens or sodium laureth sulphate (the stuff that makes cleaners etc foam up). This means beautifully scented products full of essential oils!

The cleanser has rosemary and lemon, and they’re gorgeous together – I’d expect lemon to overpower something as subtle as rosemary, but they make a great combo. It’s a white milky lotion that you apply with fingers or a cotton pad, and remove with a fresh cotton pad. Applied to my face, it’s soothing and gentle. Whilst it did come off with a cotton pad, bringing my make up with it neatly, I’m not sure about using a cleanser with no rinse step, so I’m still splashing my face with water after, if not quickly swiping over with micellar water for a final refresh. My face definitely feels clean after this lotion though, and slightly moisturised – it claims to be hydrating, and I’d agree with that.


The moisturiser, however, is my new favourite product. With sweet almond, cocoa butter, and a good helping of essential oils and flower extracts, it feels luxuriously rich whilst soothing and fresh – I’ve been reapplying it throughout the day in this heatwave for that cooling feeling! And that citrus scent – utterly gorgeous (I’ve picked the jar up to sniff it at least a dozen times whilst writing this post). My skin feels a lot more hydrated after using this moisturiser, and it sinks it quickly to let me apply make up easily over it. I’ve not even been using a primer before make up because my skin feels so good after using this! As if it couldn’t get any better, the glass jar makes it look suitably posh sat on my dressing table. The blush colour labelling is also prettty stylish. And all that for just £8 a jar (and I got it for just over £2!) – my only regret is that I only got 2 in the sale, I should have stocked up properly as this is definitely going to be a staple of my daily routine from now on.

Have you tried Organic Surge products? What’s your favourite?


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