Empties – bit of a mango theme!

I brought loads of half empty products home with me from uni to use up over the summer break (great excuse to go shopping at the start of term!), so my empties collection is just starting to build up. Rather than talk about loads of items at once, I want to break it down into little groups of things that go together.

First up, my Body Shop shower products, both in Mango flavour!


This is the Body Shop Mango Body Scrub. I’ve never been a huge user of body scrubs, but with summer arriving and wanting to try out some fake tan products, I knew a decent scrub would make my skin silky smooth and perfect for tanning. This Body Shop scrub came in a gift box a while back with soap, body wash, body butter and a shower pouffe, but alone it sells for £12.50 for 200ml.

It’s pretty unique in the scrub market for being a combo salt and sugar scrub – this means it’s a tough exfoliator but also adds in moisture to your skin, hence the suggestion by Body Shop that the Mango scrub is for very dry skin. I usually suffer from really dry elbows and knees, so a great test zone for this stuff, and I can vouch for its hydrating powers. I’ve also been using it on my upper arms and thighs, where I often get little spots on my skin that I suspect are the tiniest of ingrown hairs (eww), and after using this scrub for a few weeks I can safely say these are a thing of the past, yay! So, super smooth silky skin – total winner. Not to mention the gorgeous mango scent!

The only downside is that a 200ml tub doesn’t last that long, and my puny hands can’t get the screw lid off in the shower – if I forget to unscrew it before I get in, no scrubbing’s happening that day! Because it’s a tub, water can get into it pretty easily in the shower, which can make the product a bit watery – I haven’t seen any problems from this though.

Would I repurchase? Probably not on it’s own. There are some great scrubs out there for better value. I’d love to use it again though, so if I came across it in a multi-product box like the BodyShop gift boxes I’d think about it!


I also finished the Body Shop Mango Shower Gel. I think this came in the same giftbox as the scrub, but I’ve had this shower gel at my boyfriend’s house all year – we live several hundred miles apart in term time, so I leave a few toiletries at his to save having to faff about with mini bottles at airports etc (though these shower gels do come in a 60ml size that would be ideal for flying with). This shower gel is great for that because it lasts so flipping long! I’ve had an identical size bottle of the Strawberry version at my flat that I’ve been using daily to see how long they actually last – it made it from January to July easily. Six months for a £4 (for 250ml) shower gel?! Best value for money ever! The key is to use the body pouffe that comes in the gift sets (or pick one up separately for only £1.50), this means you only need about a 5p sized amount to do your whole body.

It’s a really nice shower gel as well, with a nice subtle fruity scent that doesn’t linger on you after it’s rinsed off – I can’t stand my shower gel competing with my perfume etc. I love that everything in the Body Shop range is colour coordinated to its flavour, so this mango gel is a sweet pale orangey-yellow colour.

Would I repurchase? Already have done! Picked up two in the sale earlier this summer – another Mango and a Strawberry.

I know loads of people went crazy in the BodyShop sale this summer, so did you get any Mango stuff? What did you think of it?


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