A little bit of Lush

Coming home for the holidays means getting to combine my skincare stash with my mum’s and my sibling’s, so lots of awesome stuff to try out! For someone with a real aversion to smelly products, you’d think I despise Lush… Well I didn’t go in the store for a good three years after one opened in our town cos the scent from it is so strong you can smell it from across the street. But when my sibling started buying their products, I just had to hold my nose and dive in, cos Lush make some really nice stuff…


These are my favourites from our house Lush collection (I’d show you the bath bombs, but they don’t last long enough to get pics – straight from store bag to bath!). First off, how neat is that packaging? I love a strong design, and monochrome with a bold font is a great choice. And for bonus points, the tubs are recycleable, and if you take five of them back to the store you get a free fresh face mask!

Onto what’s actually in those tubs…

Herbalism is a cleanser with a unique formulation. It’s solid and you take a little dot of it – like a pea sized amount – add a dash of water to make a thick paste and smear it all over your face. Wash off with a warm cloth and you’ll have squeaky clean skin. It really is a thorough cleanser, but it doesn’t leave tight or dry skin afterwards. It’s designed to combat grease and it does seem to work – some non-drying cleansers can leave you a bit oily but this really does a great job of balancing oil-fighting with keeping your skin soft.


Weirdly it reminds me of pesto, especially when it’s in paste form! Pesto’s made of pine nuts, I think, and Herbalism’s main ingredient is ground almonds, so not far off! There’s also nettle, rosemary and sage for that herby smell and some flower extracts (gardenia, rose and chamomile). Maybe be a little cautious if you have really sensitive skin though, as it does contain some perfume. At £6.25 for 100g it isn’t the cheapest cleanser on the market, but that solid formulation means it’ll last an absolute age.

Next up is another face product, Mask of Magnaminty. The name kinda gives it away – it’s a mint based face mask. In contrast to Lush’s fresh face masks, however, the use by date on this is a decent length and you don’t have to keep it in the fridge (thank god, my flatmate would get seriously creeped out if I started keeping toiletries with the salad). Mask of Magnaminty looks like what a proper face mask should look like to me – like alien mud.


 Mask of Magnaminty is designed to tackle spots, and I’m going through a good skin phase anyway, so I can’t really comment on that aspect of it, but as a refreshing mask to clear out my skin once a week I’m loving it. It goes on really smoothly and then you wait 5 to 10 minutes for it to ‘set’, just til it’s dry to touch. It does get a bit tingly as it dries! When you wash it off, there’s ground aduki beans to act as a natural exfoliator, so give your face a gentle scrub with a wash cloth rather than rinsing this mask straight off. There’s also peppermint oil, and this is what makes it so minty fresh and tingly – it’s supposed to stimulate blood flow to your skin. It really does feel refreshing and my face feels like it’s had a good cleanse. I just use it once a week as a kind of intensive treatment to sort out any nasty stuff that might be lurking in my skin. Just don’t get it anywhere near your eyes, it stings like hell! It’s £4.95 for a small tub (125g) and £8.75 for a large one (315g) – I have the small tub and expect it to last me til at least the start of winter.

Last but not least is Sympathy For The Skin. This moisturising lotion is a go-everywhere superstar. The formulation is a little ‘looser’ than other creams, which is supposed to be so that everything gets absorbed more easily. It certainly rubs in really well, and feels rich and luxurious without that greasy after-feel.


Time for an admission – I can’t stand cocoa butter. It makes me nauseated. I love chocolate, but cocoa butter is pretty much an automatic veto on a product. However, I love this stuff. Maybe it’s the fact that cocoa butter has been combined with bananas and vanilla, so the smell is a hotchpotch of them all – like soaking yourself in dessert! STFS really does leave you with silky soft skin, and the supersized tub will last ages even if you’re like me and keep dipping into it every time you walk past it (what can I say? It’s addictive!), so I can’t even begrudge the £10+ price tag.

So, those are my favourite three Lush products at the moment? What are yours?


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