I’m joining in with the ‘A Thrifty Mrs’ £100 Beauty Challenge – are you?

If you guys didn’t know, I’m a student, just about to start my sixth year. Whilst in freshers the concept of the government handing you ~£5k to live on sounds amazing, after five years (oh, and the point where it becomes significantly less than that figure, thanks so much NHS bursaries for making me worse off) it really doesn’t. And the bank account has forgotten what being in the black even looked like.

So in order to actually get to graduation, I need to have a super-saver year, and the posts over at A Thrifty Mrs have been really inspiring me to find new ways to save money. The ATM (just realised how ironic an acronym that is for a thrifty blog!) challenge is to only spend £100 on beauty products in an entire year. My budget originally allowed for £200 – if you think that’s a lot, count up how many bottles of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste etc you get through before even considering make up useage – but every penny really counts this year, so I’m gonna have a go at bringing it down to just a hundred.


I start work a year this week, so it seems the perfect time to give this a go! The rules are over on A Thrifty Mrs in full, but as a reminder mainly to me, this challenge means I have £100 to spend on all make up and toiletries (excluding sanitary stuff). But I can accept gifts of this nature! So this year’s Christmas list is going to be pretty skincare-heavy… Thankfully I have an adorable sibling who treated me to MAC eyeliner for my birthday, so I think I’m gonna do ok for Christmas gifts from them! I would say freebies on magazines are acceptable, but in the nature of saving the pennies I’m banning myself from buying magazines too.

The key to getting through this challenge, I think, is to be less fussy about what I use and finish off all the products currently loitering in my bathroom cupboard. I’ve stocked up recently (before I decided to do this challenge!) on things like shower gel, hand soap and cleansers, so I should be fine for those for a few months at least; in fact I’m predicting my Body Shop shower gels will get me through the whole year!


My current stash at my parents house – not including the stuff at my own flat!

Looking at that pic above I think I might just cope 😉 Are you joining in with the £100 challenge?


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