Getting crafty #1

When I was a kid, six week summer holidays felt like an age. In order to stop my sibling and I from killing each other, my mum used to get us doing arts & crafts type activties. Many a rainy August day was spent with my nose inches away from a Painting-By-Numbers ‘canvas’, and somehow this ‘summer = craft stuff time’ thing has stuck with me, even if primary school was over 13 years ago now.

I’d like to say I’m beyond Painting By Numbers by now, but I’ve got the London Bridge PBN in my uni flat waiting to be finished! I’m less inclined to stick to the prescribed colour pattern these days though – I want to experiment with a neon inverted pattern next…. In the meantime and in the absence of my trusty PBN kits for painting fun, I stuck with big brushes and simple stuff for today’s summer craft.

My new bedroom at home was in need of some homely touches, so I gave this old corkboard a bit of revitalisation with white emulsion (Dulux Pure Brilliant White) and some purple paint (I think it’s Wilko’s Powder Purple – it was a very old pot!).


Totally forgot to take a ‘before’ photo (bad blogger, I know), but all it took was a bit of masking tape to mark out the stripes, which are about an inch wide. Just splodge paint everywhere, cork is such a good material for this that it just looks good regardless of how neatly you paint. The wooden top took a few coats, but this was more to do with my old split paint than the board itself. An old shoelace through the hook on the back secured it to the two old nails in my wall, and hey presto – a unique pin board that jazzes up the area above my dresser.



I had the painting bug by this point, so I gave my house key a quick make over with nail polish – No7 Cheeky Chops for a bright base and then Natural Collection Crystal Clear for a protective top coat. A little warning – it took like all day to dry fully! It was touch dry within minutes, but put it on any surface for a while and it would start sticking to it. My tip? Stand the key in the rings of a bound notebook with a cotton pad underneath to save your desk if it falls.



Now my home key stands out from my flat keys, and I can’t go picking up my sibling’s keys by accident cos it’s so easy to spot. A perfect cheap customisable alternative to key covers (though I do have some epic glow in the dark skull covers somewhere, I should dig those out again!).



Have you done anything crafty lately? Let me know in the comments!


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