Mavala Smoky Blue nails

Maybe I’m just totally fickle, but I’ve never loved a nail colour enough to finish a whole bottle of it (clear top coats aside). This is why I love Mavala nail polish – the bottles are only 5ml, so perfect for a little taster without having to waste the remainder if you decide it’s not quite your thing.

I got into Mavala after they did a special edition grey for Elle magazine a few years back. It was creamy, opaque with minimal coats and a gorgeous subtle grey that wasn’t too cold looking.

The one I’ve been wearing recently is Mavala Smoky Blue, an a lovely navy shade.


It’s difficult to pick out on the nail, but look at the bottle in this pic – there’s a fine shimmer in this polish that’s really subtle but gives a nice finish to the nail. It’s a dark navy, but light enough that it still looks blue rather than black. Whilst this is a lovely creamy formula that goes on really smoothly, I just can’t get it to last! Even with a clear top coat for added protection, I can only get about 24hrs out of this mani before it chips along the nail tip. It also takes an age to dry fully. Put any pressure on your nail within about the first hour and you’ll get smudged polish or marks in it (I’m awful for ending up with fingerprints on my nails!).

At around £4.50 for a 5ml bottle (from Boots) it works out about the same value as most other mid-range nail polishes (Essie, Nails Inc, etc), but you’ll not have as much left over to go gloopy in the bottle when you move on to the next season’s trends.

What do you think of mini nail polishes? A better investment than full size bottles?


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