Ombré seaside nails

I’ve been getting a bit more adventurous with my nail choices recently, mostly thanks to LOreal Confetti – it’s a brilliant addition to any nail and neatly disguises any uneven nail art beneath.

Today I decided to go for a mix of blues, since I’m off to Brighton! A combo of 17’s Seabreeze and Wave seemed very apt.


I started with a Seabreeze base, then added half a second coat at the cuticle end, with the other half in Wave. A bit of dabbing at the border between the two with an almost empty brush got them to merge slightly.

Then I added Confetti. It’s amazing how much it makes the underlying ombré look better!


Slight disaster when my dad reached for something I was holding shortly after I painted the last nail… Smudged it right off! Thankfully only had to do one again.

I put two or three coats of clear top coat on it to give a smooth feel, else the confetti can give it a bit of a rough texture.


Ignore the messy bits on my fingers, I’m super clumsy with nail polish! Embarrassing…

Have you tried ombré nails? Any tips other than disguising it with top coats?


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