Getting crafty #2

Ok, so I disappeared for a short while – sorry! I had a lovely few days away with the boyfriend in Brighton, and then left my laptop charger behind. A subsequent move up the country to university, and it’s taken a little while for my laptop and its charger to be reunited. But we are now all powered up and ready to get blogging again! Without further ado…

In the second part of my crafty post series, I thought I’d show you this card I made. My mum is running holiday clubs for some local older people and they’re going to be making these soon, so I got tasked with doing a trial run to see if it could be done easily in the allotted time.


Known as iris patterns, all you need is a blank card with three sides and a cut-out hole (we bought these pre-cut from our local sell-everything shop), your pattern outline (get one online, just print it out to the right size) and four different coloured sets of strips of paper/card (Wilko’s sell packs of plain & coloured paper that are perfect for this).


Take the pattern and blue tack it onto the face of your card, pattern down, so that when you open up the inside, you can see the pattern through the cut-out. Then take your first strip of paper, approx 1cm wide, and lay it over the bit marked ‘1’. Make sure the pattern is face down – you should be looking at the back of it, so the pattern will show out of the front of the card. Tape the ends down and trim it to make sure it fits within that section of the card. Then take a second patterned/coloured piece and lay it over the bit marked ‘2’. Tape, trim, and apply piece 3 (another colour) in the same way, then piece 4 (another colour). Piece 5 should be the same pattern/colour as piece 1, piece 6 the same as piece 2, etc etc.


Keep going until you’ve covered all the spaces on your pattern, then remove the pattern – you should have a sort of spiral effect with the pieces of paper, with each quarter in a different pattern or colour.


Then you can either put a little picture in the middle, or fold the back piece of card over and write a short message in the gap. If you want a bigger space, just use less rounds of paper.

They really are more simple than they look, right? This one took me all of fifteen minutes to do, and I’m going to use it as a birthday card for my boyfriend’s mum – nothing says brownie points like a handmade card.


Do you make your own cards? Or – *gasp* – do you buy handmade cards off Etsy and pass them off as your own? Or (like me 99% of the time) do you just run to Paperchase every time you need one? Feed me card-related comments!


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