Happy days

london skyline

I’ve been really inspired by reading Rosie’s posts over at Cider With Rosie – I love how optimistic and cheery she is about everything! It really reminded me that life is so much better if you don’t dwell on the rubbish stuff, so I’m trying to make an effort to focus on what makes my day awesome. These are a few things that’ve been making me happy recently…

1. People watching. From the window of a coffee shop, with a hot latte in hand. Who needs movies when the world is putting its drama right in front of you?

2. London skylines! I’m addicted to that city, and it was so great on a recent visit to stand over the Thames and look east at all the new builds popping up – I know nothing about architecture but I know what I like, and London’s combo of shiny glass and old brick just makes me squee with joy. 30 St Mary Axe may be my favourite address of all time.

3. Being home for summer and getting to cuddle my cat. Nothing says “I love you” like four sets of claws in your thigh.

4. Lazy Sundays with the boy, sleeping in late and making bacon & eggs for brunch. And teasing him about his hangover – that never gets old!

5. Checked shirts. I almost can’t wait for Autumn to arrive, I’ve been snuggling up in my brother’s hooded shirts when it gets a little chilly in the evenings.

What’s made you happy this week?


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