Happy! Trying out airport blogging


Only one thing making me super happy this week… I’m off to see the boyfriend! Blogging from the airport lounge at the moment, having mostly resisted the allure of the (non) duty free shop. I’ve got my Aldo Ullum bag as carry on luggage, and nothing in the hold – this is quite the minimalist weekend. Only a short flight (about an hour once we’re in the air), so just my iPod for company and some water and a tinted lip balm to keep me hydrated. I know it’s a skin care crime to wear a full face of makeup on a plane, but the Gatwick express toilets are no place for hasty mascara application, so plane face it is!

What are you up to this weekend?


Weekly Wishlist #4 – Unicorns!


I named my blog Inner Unicorn because I’m still a little bit gutted to discover that unicorns apparently don’t exist*. So my inner unicorn is that bit of me that still believes in the stuff of daydreams. And I’m a big fan of mystical ponies. The problem with being 24 (I had to think for a second before writing an actual number there, most of the time I think I’m still about 19) is that wearing glittery, pink, unicorn stuff in public is a bit embarrassing.

So, these are my top unicorn themed things to be seen in/with, whilst still being totally cool.

*Don’t get me started on narwhals. I don’t understand how they get to be real but unicorns don’t. Someone needs to have a word with Noah about what kind of bizarre criteria he had for letting things on his boat.

1. This sweater is perfect for the colder weather that’s arriving (boo!!) and grey marl is just so cosy. And the print is awesome; it’s really sad when someone steals your unicorn, but at least you can advertise for its return right on your front. The sweater is Zoe Karssen at Matches and it’s a little bit pricy, but totally worth it.

2. Unicorns make great pets. This one is doing a fab job of holding someone’s rings. How useful would a unicorn be in your house? Get this one from Urban Outfitters (US site only – come on UK UO, give us more unicorns!).

3. We all know unicorns are magical, so let them fix your war wounds too. These plasters are funky and totally beat a bit of elastoplast for fantasy style. The place I found them from is out of stock, but it seems that you can get them from Amazon at the moment instead.

4. I can’t believe I’m endorsing something by Tulisa, but it seems she beat me to this ‘unicorns are cool’ thing and created a whole range of clothes for Bank with a unicorn print. And it’s not as trashy as you might expect… This is a nice demure pink skater skirt with a navy blue unicorn print to set you apart from the standard navy on pink polka dots I’ve been seeing everywhere. And it’s in the sale right now at only £10!

5. Topshop’s nail polish in ‘Unicorn’ is a cutesy pink with a proper glitter kick to it. I’d love to use this as an accent nail alongside something a little more grown up looking! Some reviews have suggested it’s more of a top coat than an actual pink base though, so I’d layer it over black to let the glitter show up better.

6. For more of a classy take on the unicorn theme, Pandora have created a gorgeous charm in sterling silver with a 14ct gold horn. This is definitely going on my Christmas list! Yes, I said the C word – it’s autumn, I can totally say it now.

What do you think to this week’s wishlist?

Packing for a weekend away



I’m off to London for the weekend to meet up with the boyfriend and some friends for a bit of an adventure! This means a short hop with Easyjet and their joyful baggage restrictions… So I thought I’d show you my carry-on bag and it’s contents.

As you all know, cabin liquid limits are 10 items, 100ml or less, in a clear plastic bag. I have no idea how some bloggers spent the summer promoting plastic bags with designs on, I’m sure I’ve seen them be binned at airports… Either way, my bag is a John Frieda one that came with a mini shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. They’re long gone now, but the bag lives on! It’s sturdy enough to survive the dozen or so flights a year that I do at the moment.

These are my ten items… (I took the pictures and then changed my mind slightly, sorry! The Clarins toner is staying home and my Collection concealer and LOreal foundation are going in its place.)


From left to right: toothpaste, contact lens solution & case, Original Source mint shower gel (decanted), Rituals shampoo & conditioner (taken from the last hotel I stayed in!), Garnier Moisture Match, Clarins Daily Energising Cleanser, and LOreal micellar solution (decanted).

Seeing as I’m only away for two nights, I’ve tried to limit the size of each item, but I’ve done a week on cabin size stuff quite easily before. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to decant what you have, rather than buying travel size bottles of each product. Boots sell 50ml and 100ml bottles for just over £1 each, in a variety of screw cap/ squeezy/ spray types. I’m using a spray bottle for micellar solution and, if I didn’t have hotel miniatures, my shampoo and conditioner would be in 50ml screw cap bottles. I usually add coloured washi tape to each bottle so I don’t get them muddled up.

I have cheated slightly on the 10 items restriction; there’s perfume at my boyfriend’s house that I can pick up on the way from the airport to our little holiday place, but if I didn’t have that option I’d go for a dry perfume stick like this.

I always see loads of people try to put their entire make up collection in the toiletries bag, but it really is just liquids – my test is that if I can tip the open container upside down and nothing oozes out, it’s not a liquid, so mascara and lip balm are both going in my handbag. I’m not certain that airport security agrees with me, but they’ve not challenged it yet!

What do you take away with you for short trips? Any tips for packing super light?

Hair be a miracle product or two

Yes, that’s an awful pun in the title, I know. But I’m snowed under with uni work right now so this is a super quick post to shout-out two things that have absolutely saved my hair from being its usual fuzzy mess recently. 

Tresemme Split Remedy & John Frieda Perfecting Creme

I’ve used Tresemme hair products for years; their massive 900ml shampoo & conditioner bottles are a fab buy on a student budget, and their range of colour protect / repair / natural ingredients products has me spoilt for choice, but I’d never really explored beyond the basics. Split Remedy, a leave-in conditioner, has been a staple in my routine for the last few months now and it really does do wonders for my hair. Hair dresser appointments tend to involve me putting on an innocent face whilst the poor salon guy tugs at my knots with a comb and asks when I last had it cut (goodness knows why, when I look blank he magically comes up with a date that’s always several more months than a long bob should ever be left without a trim!). This time, there was no triple-conditioning of my hair and pointing me in the direction of fancy serums (though if he’d like to hand me a bottle of that Kerastase stuff that makes it all glossy, I’m up for that), and no cutting way more off because of all the split ends. There were no split ends. Can we have a moments silence for split ends, please? Tresemme have made them extinct. Two pumps of conditioner run through damp hair before attacking it with a blow dryer and I have silky split-free hair. See why I called it a miracle now? 

On the days I’m in too much of a rush to wash and dry before running out the door, John Frieda take over the miracle mantle. Secret Agent Perfecting Creme really does live up to it’s name – it’s like their Frizz Ease serum, but less risk of looking greasy. Love that it’s called Secret Agent, but it kind of is – just rub a tiny amount between your palms and comb through with your fingers and it does its job in a very unobtrusive way. It tidies away frizz to the point where I can leave my hair down instead of trying to hide away the messiness with a bun, without looking like I’ve used any product at all. I’ve had this tube months and it’s showing no signs of running out, a little goes a long way, and when I do reach the end of it I’m definitely repurchasing. 

What are your hair miracle products? 

The ‘not quite a spending ban’ isn’t working…

haul sep

I’m supposed to be sticking to the A Thrifty Mrs £100 challenge this year. Walking into Boots or Superdrug is definitely bad for this..

So, what’s in my haul? A nail polish, a foundation, two types of conditioner, and two serums. Oops. I might have also acquired a new iPod. Big oops. That isn’t in the £100 challenge though!

The nail polish is Essie Mojito Madness, which I’ve been dying to get for ages! I picked it up from eBay for under £4. It’s such a gorgeous green shade – and it matches my handbag nicely!

The foundation was also in a Wishlist post a while back: LOreal True Match. I swatched a few before purchasing and ended up with Rose Vanilla, which is a neutral (not too pink or too yellow) and on the pale end of the spectrum. It was in a 2 for £14 deal in Boots, and I got the LOreal Lumi Magique primer too, but that already has a new home via eBay as it really wasn’t suited to me.

The two conditioners are from Superdrug, and both their own brand; coconut oil, and tea tree/peppermint conditioner. A total of less than £3! I’ve read amazing things about coconut oil improving hair growth, and I really want to get mine long again. The conditioner is pearly and definitely smells minty!

The serums were a bargain. Clinique Laser Repair Focus was a free sample (2 weeks worth) from Debenhams, and Nip+Fab was on a clearance shelf in Boots so only £4.66 (RRP £14.95!). I’ve not tried the N/F one yet as its glycolic acid so I need to get a decent SPF day cream to go with it, even in autumn this far north!

What have you bought recently? Loving any of the products I bought?

Happy Days

Train views

View from one of the many trains I was on this summer

I’m so shattered! First week of hospital placement is over, so I’m very happy that it’s the weekend in a few hours (that can be number 1 on this weeks Happy list!), I’m excited for sleeping in all day!

So, what else made me happy this week?

2. I’ve been loving getting back to the gym after a summer off with a sprained ankle. There’s nothing better than setting yourself little goals and then smashing through them.

3. It’s been so nice to see my uni friends and catch up over cups of tea. We’re all so busy over summer that we haven’t had a proper chat since before exams!

4. Free stuff! Loads of my trains ran late towards the end of my uni holidays, so I’ve got quite the collection of ‘delay repay’ vouchers. I’m going to treat myself to a little shopping trip to London towards the end of term with them.

5. Realising that I do love my course. It’s been tough getting used to the early mornings and long days (9hrs is a normal day, I have some 13hr ones coming up soon too!), but it’s great to be practicing what I’ll be doing this time next year in my first job and seeing everything I’ve learnt in the last 5 years start to fit together.

What’s made you happy this week? Don’t you dare say the sunshine, I’ve only seen it through the hospital windows!

Weekly Wishlist #3 – Back to School!

wishlist #3
I know loads of schools went back this week, some unis started freshers… I’ve been back at uni (my sixth and hopefully final year!) for a few weeks now, but wanted to post this wishlist of what I’d wear to lectures. I’ve tried to pick stuff I’d naturally put together in one outfit.
Let’s start with the clothes: a French Connection geeky cat tee teamed with red Zara skinny jeans. Anyone who hasn’t discovered Zara jeans is seriously missing out – they’re so comfortable and they come in an awesome range of fits and colours. I love this red pair for their slightly burnished, autumny look; perfect for this term. The cat tee is just too cute to say no to!
I clearly spent too much time looking at colour wheels in art class and not enough time actually doing anything, because the only thing I know is that red and green are great ‘opposite’ colours to pair together – though I’d put them together as accents on plainer outfits rather than a whole red/green shabang, else you look a little bit like a Christmas elf… Awks. This Cambridge satchel is a great choice for classes – durable leather in a style that never ages, in a range of awesome colours. Go green!
Add a stylish edge to your school style with lashings of black eyeliner – this Revlon one gives intensely black lines but gives you the precision to decide if you want a fine outline or something bolder. It’s my aim this year to finally master the liquid liner! Saying goodbye to smudgy panda eyes for good! As a little accessory for this outfit, I’d go for this chunky chain bangle from ASOS. It’s toned down biker-chic.
So, that’s my uni wishlist – a cat wearing my glasses on a tee, bright skinny jeans with a contrasting colour satchel, and some bold make up and accessories.
What are you wearing to classes this semester?