Top tips for journalling

Paperblanks midi journal

I’ve got a brand new journal ready to start along with my first final year placement, so I thought I’d share some tips of how to get started, and keep going, with journalling.

– Get something you love to write in. 

Whatever you use to journal in, you’re going to be seeing it often so make sure it’s something you love. I’m using a Paperblanks midi notebook this term – the paper quality is amazing and the cover art is just beautiful. 

– Keep your journal to hand.

Some people carry their journal with them all the time to note down anything they think of during the day; others keep it at home to write in once a day.  If your journal’s close to hand, you’re more likely to remember to write in it. I keep mine on my bedside table, so I remember to write before I go to sleep each night. 

– Put pen to paper! 

It seems simple, but that’s it! Don’t get hung up on making sure what you’re writing is perfect – it’s not a novel, it’s just your journal. Start writing about anything and the words will start flowing. 

– Get round writer’s block

It happens to everyone, so don’t give up just because you’re struggling for words one day. Either take a few days out and then see where you’re at, or just plow on – go back to the basics and just make a note of what you’ve been up to and what you’ve been thinking. This is the same if you’re rushed for time; make a little list of what you’d want to write about if you had the time, so you can come back to it later if you do find time and if you don’t you’ve still got a little record of your life right then. 



So, those are my top tips for journalling. Do you have any tips you’d add? Share them below!


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