Garnier Body Tonic || Review

Remember when I reviewed Body Shop Mango Scrub? And the Soap & Glory Flake Away? I said I had the ultimate in scrubs… And here it is!

Garnier BodyTonic Sugar Scrub and Lotion

Garnier Body Tonic Scrub is a sugar-based scrub with a really fresh lemon scent. And it’s a massive vote for tube over tub! Perfect for a shower scrub, as there’s no water leaking into your product and making it all runny.

It’s designed to be used a few times a week to remove dead skin cells (icky!) so you get softer skin. The granules are pretty rough, so I’m cool with not using this every day, and it really does leave nice smooth skin behind – not the scratched feel that you might expect from a tough scrub.

Did I mention the lemons? It’s so citrusy! I love that smell. Great way to wake up in the morning!

And you can make it last even longer (the scent and the smoothness) – Garnier have also got a lotion in the Body Tonic range. It’s supposed to be hydrating and firming. I suppose the first point I have to make is that the bottle makes me feel a little bit ripped off – it’s a 250ml bottle masquerading as something bigger because it’s tall and wide, but super slim! Though it’s still only around a fiver, so I can’t really complain.

As for the ‘firming’ claim – it contains seaweed extract and caffeine, which after a few weeks of regular use are supposed to tighten up your skin (it’s definitely not for your face!!). I can’t say I’ve really noticed much of an effect, though I did give it the superhuman challenge of tackling my thighs… But my skin generally feels silkier where I’ve been using the Body Tonic lotion.

It’s a very refreshing lotion to use; not the almost gel formula means it’s absorbed really quickly without any greasy bits.

I’m loving the packaging too – a really vibrant yellow really brightens up my bathroom! Oh, and the scrub is actually yellow too.
Have you tried either of the Garnier BodyTonic products? What did you think?


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