Happy Days

Train views

View from one of the many trains I was on this summer

I’m so shattered! First week of hospital placement is over, so I’m very happy that it’s the weekend in a few hours (that can be number 1 on this weeks Happy list!), I’m excited for sleeping in all day!

So, what else made me happy this week?

2. I’ve been loving getting back to the gym after a summer off with a sprained ankle. There’s nothing better than setting yourself little goals and then smashing through them.

3. It’s been so nice to see my uni friends and catch up over cups of tea. We’re all so busy over summer that we haven’t had a proper chat since before exams!

4. Free stuff! Loads of my trains ran late towards the end of my uni holidays, so I’ve got quite the collection of ‘delay repay’ vouchers. I’m going to treat myself to a little shopping trip to London towards the end of term with them.

5. Realising that I do love my course. It’s been tough getting used to the early mornings and long days (9hrs is a normal day, I have some 13hr ones coming up soon too!), but it’s great to be practicing what I’ll be doing this time next year in my first job and seeing everything I’ve learnt in the last 5 years start to fit together.

What’s made you happy this week? Don’t you dare say the sunshine, I’ve only seen it through the hospital windows!


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