Hair be a miracle product or two

Yes, that’s an awful pun in the title, I know. But I’m snowed under with uni work right now so this is a super quick post to shout-out two things that have absolutely saved my hair from being its usual fuzzy mess recently. 

Tresemme Split Remedy & John Frieda Perfecting Creme

I’ve used Tresemme hair products for years; their massive 900ml shampoo & conditioner bottles are a fab buy on a student budget, and their range of colour protect / repair / natural ingredients products has me spoilt for choice, but I’d never really explored beyond the basics. Split Remedy, a leave-in conditioner, has been a staple in my routine for the last few months now and it really does do wonders for my hair. Hair dresser appointments tend to involve me putting on an innocent face whilst the poor salon guy tugs at my knots with a comb and asks when I last had it cut (goodness knows why, when I look blank he magically comes up with a date that’s always several more months than a long bob should ever be left without a trim!). This time, there was no triple-conditioning of my hair and pointing me in the direction of fancy serums (though if he’d like to hand me a bottle of that Kerastase stuff that makes it all glossy, I’m up for that), and no cutting way more off because of all the split ends. There were no split ends. Can we have a moments silence for split ends, please? Tresemme have made them extinct. Two pumps of conditioner run through damp hair before attacking it with a blow dryer and I have silky split-free hair. See why I called it a miracle now? 

On the days I’m in too much of a rush to wash and dry before running out the door, John Frieda take over the miracle mantle. Secret Agent Perfecting Creme really does live up to it’s name – it’s like their Frizz Ease serum, but less risk of looking greasy. Love that it’s called Secret Agent, but it kind of is – just rub a tiny amount between your palms and comb through with your fingers and it does its job in a very unobtrusive way. It tidies away frizz to the point where I can leave my hair down instead of trying to hide away the messiness with a bun, without looking like I’ve used any product at all. I’ve had this tube months and it’s showing no signs of running out, a little goes a long way, and when I do reach the end of it I’m definitely repurchasing. 

What are your hair miracle products? 


2 thoughts on “Hair be a miracle product or two

  1. I struggle so much with my frizzy hair and always get shouted at by the hairdresser. I may have to give these a go. Didn’t like the Tresemme anti-frizz serum because it did absolutely nothing, but leave in conditioner sounds good.

    Petite Gingembre

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