A new Filofax… maybe.

As much as I love my personal Chameleon, I decided it was time for a change. It’s a bit chunky and I don’t really need everything I’m carting around in it, so I figured downsizing was the way to go. I ordered a slimline Metropol in the Filofax autumn sale, and was so excited for it to arrive! 






Oh. I’m fairly sure PU/ pleather isn’t supposed to look like that. There’s no actual indentation in it, just a weird scratch-like mark. Oh well… Function first, right? 



Maybe not. That was after opening and closing the rings once. And with only 11mm rings, that’s a huge percentage of ring space that’s actually a gap. 

Let’s look on the bright side though. I got a slimline to test out…. 


It’s definitely so much slimmer than the personal. And narrower too – I never realised how much space the rings actually take up in a personal, and the curve of them means there tends to be a big space between the edge of the page and the edge of the binder. No such wasting of space in the slimline! 

Those rings are teeny! That’s the 2014 WO1P and 2013 WO2P inserts you can see there – they came with the organiser. I was pretty keen to try out WO1P, but in the five language variety that seems standard with all Filo organisers there was literally a single line available for me to write on per day. 


Inside, there’s four vertical card slots, and a neat filofax monogrammed print. 


The back cover is a single vertical pocket – I was looking forward to slotting a thin notebook (probably a Muji passport book!!) in there. 

I’m sure you can guess that with those ring issues and the cover damage I was never going to keep it. Thank goodness for free returns! And the lovely ladies at Filofax customer services kept an eye out for my replacement order and refunded me the cost of express delivery so that I could have a replacement in my hands just one working day later – not sure this is standard practice, but I’m moving to a place where I can’t get post in a week’s time, so it was pretty urgent! 

I’ll show you what I got in the Metropol’s place in another post…. 


Body Shop Pore Minimiser

(I realise posting from an airport and then vanishing for weeks can give an odd impression… Would have quite liked a long holiday, but was in fact busy with job applications and long shifts!)

So, I interrupt my leave of absence because I found a product that I literally want to shout from the rooftops about.

My make up lasts me til about lunchtime on a good day, at which point it just goes oily, shiny and generally falls off my face. My evening make up removers don’t get much to work with. I’ve tried powder, mattifying creams, and a glut of different foundations. All shiny.

Until now… Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimiser has mattifying pretty low down its list of objectives, but I can’t say anything about its pore altering qualities on a first go, so let’s talk matte. It’s a star. No drying, no flaking, and definitely no oiliness. My skin feels soft without being shiny, and it lasted a good twelve hours. Utter miracle!

I’ve even tried it with a dewy foundation from Clinique and it keeps the shine to a gentle glow rather than a slick.

It comes in a 30ml tube which is almost flat, so it slips into an already overstuffed make up bag easily. And it’s only £7.50 at full price, or if you use this week’s 40% off code from VoucherCodes, a mere £4.50!

Now, downsides. It does smell of tea tree. If you’ve ever had to use anti dandruff shampoo, it’ll bring back all of those lovely memories. And it’s green, but that doesn’t affect your skin tone at all.


I’m really happy to have found the perfect primer! Have you tried it? Any thoughts?