Sweet potato and chorizo pitta pizza

I’ve been doing a bit of cooking recently and thought I’d share some of my recipes. As much as I love spending time cooking proper meals, sometimes there just isn’t the time (or energy). So this is a quick and easy meal with gorgeous flavours that are perfect for winter.


First, dice a sweet potato. The smaller you dice, the quicker you eat… Drizzle with oil and roast at 200C for 10-15 mins.

Throw chopped cherry tomatoes, some sliced chorizo, half a chopped chilli (less if you want it less hot), garlic (I use pre-crushed stuff from a tube), and a squiggle of tomato purée into a pan with some oil. I added a dash of BBQ sauce and some Cajun spices at this point, but this is optional.

Once the tomatoes have softened, add in the roasted sweet potato. While the flavours mix, warm up a pitta bread.

Top your pitta with a handful of rocket, then the sweet potato & chorizo mix. Scatter with crumbled feta. Enjoy!

The sweet potato and chorizo go beautifully together with a bit of spice, the rocket adds a crisp peppery note, and the creamy feta takes the edge off. Such a great combo!

The longest part is waiting for the sweet potato to roast. You could microwave the diced potato to move things along quicker, but I like to think taking the longer route gives a warmer flavour.

What are your favourite quick recipes?


My new Filofax – Part 2!

So the Metropol went back to the Filofax factory for a bit of a re-fit. Having had a feel of it, I decided I wasn’t much of a fan of the PU cover. Clearly I went the wrong way in having gone from a gorgeous leather Chameleon down to the most basic of binders, but it just felt a bit cheap. I ummed and aaahed over splashing out on a Finsbury, and then had some crazy credit-card bending thoughts of an Osterley, but in the end the bank account won and I ordered another non-leather binder. 

Slimline also seemed a no-go for me – it was just a downsize too far! This time, it was all about the compact. The tab closure makes me feel far more comfortable about throwing it in my handbag as well! 

So, what did I get? 


An aqua Saffiano! I’d been a bit dismissive of these when they first came out, but after much trawling through websites I found it was growing on me. The textured cover – it’s kind of rough cross-hatching – gives it a bit of character and a nice feel, and the aqua colour isn’t quite as bright as it could be. 


Next to my Chameleon, there’s not much in the depth overall, even though the ring size difference is pretty big – 15mm vs 23mm! There’s some space saved on the width as with the slimline, and the pen sits nicely outside the pages within the closure tab. There’s a smidgen less height too. I think the main difference is in how much you can stuff it – the tab on the personal is much longer than the compact one. 


I was too excited to move in to take pictures of it empty, but there’s a flap pocket on the left, with two card holder slots, and a vertical pocket on the right. It comes with 1-6 coloured dividers, a 2014 Wo2P diary, and a whole variety of to-do/contacts/lined/squared/plain paper. 




The one negative is that it’s still not perfect. The rings are neatly aligned with no gaps, but the buttons to open them are rattly. But I don’t have time (or immediate funds) for a third filofax delivery in the space of a week, so rattly ring tabs it is. 

Update: This has been in my drafts box for yonks. The ring tabs still rattle, but it’s not an issue – the rings are perfect *touch wood* and it’s being well used! I’ll post soon to show how I’m using it in 2014…