Happy! Trying out airport blogging


Only one thing making me super happy this week… I’m off to see the boyfriend! Blogging from the airport lounge at the moment, having mostly resisted the allure of the (non) duty free shop. I’ve got my Aldo Ullum bag as carry on luggage, and nothing in the hold – this is quite the minimalist weekend. Only a short flight (about an hour once we’re in the air), so just my iPod for company and some water and a tinted lip balm to keep me hydrated. I know it’s a skin care crime to wear a full face of makeup on a plane, but the Gatwick express toilets are no place for hasty mascara application, so plane face it is!

What are you up to this weekend?


Happy Days

Train views

View from one of the many trains I was on this summer

I’m so shattered! First week of hospital placement is over, so I’m very happy that it’s the weekend in a few hours (that can be number 1 on this weeks Happy list!), I’m excited for sleeping in all day!

So, what else made me happy this week?

2. I’ve been loving getting back to the gym after a summer off with a sprained ankle. There’s nothing better than setting yourself little goals and then smashing through them.

3. It’s been so nice to see my uni friends and catch up over cups of tea. We’re all so busy over summer that we haven’t had a proper chat since before exams!

4. Free stuff! Loads of my trains ran late towards the end of my uni holidays, so I’ve got quite the collection of ‘delay repay’ vouchers. I’m going to treat myself to a little shopping trip to London towards the end of term with them.

5. Realising that I do love my course. It’s been tough getting used to the early mornings and long days (9hrs is a normal day, I have some 13hr ones coming up soon too!), but it’s great to be practicing what I’ll be doing this time next year in my first job and seeing everything I’ve learnt in the last 5 years start to fit together.

What’s made you happy this week? Don’t you dare say the sunshine, I’ve only seen it through the hospital windows!

Top tips for journalling

Paperblanks midi journal

I’ve got a brand new journal ready to start along with my first final year placement, so I thought I’d share some tips of how to get started, and keep going, with journalling.

– Get something you love to write in. 

Whatever you use to journal in, you’re going to be seeing it often so make sure it’s something you love. I’m using a Paperblanks midi notebook this term – the paper quality is amazing and the cover art is just beautiful. 

– Keep your journal to hand.

Some people carry their journal with them all the time to note down anything they think of during the day; others keep it at home to write in once a day.  If your journal’s close to hand, you’re more likely to remember to write in it. I keep mine on my bedside table, so I remember to write before I go to sleep each night. 

– Put pen to paper! 

It seems simple, but that’s it! Don’t get hung up on making sure what you’re writing is perfect – it’s not a novel, it’s just your journal. Start writing about anything and the words will start flowing. 

– Get round writer’s block

It happens to everyone, so don’t give up just because you’re struggling for words one day. Either take a few days out and then see where you’re at, or just plow on – go back to the basics and just make a note of what you’ve been up to and what you’ve been thinking. This is the same if you’re rushed for time; make a little list of what you’d want to write about if you had the time, so you can come back to it later if you do find time and if you don’t you’ve still got a little record of your life right then. 



So, those are my top tips for journalling. Do you have any tips you’d add? Share them below!

Happy days

london skyline

I’ve been really inspired by reading Rosie’s posts over at Cider With Rosie – I love how optimistic and cheery she is about everything! It really reminded me that life is so much better if you don’t dwell on the rubbish stuff, so I’m trying to make an effort to focus on what makes my day awesome. These are a few things that’ve been making me happy recently…

1. People watching. From the window of a coffee shop, with a hot latte in hand. Who needs movies when the world is putting its drama right in front of you?

2. London skylines! I’m addicted to that city, and it was so great on a recent visit to stand over the Thames and look east at all the new builds popping up – I know nothing about architecture but I know what I like, and London’s combo of shiny glass and old brick just makes me squee with joy. 30 St Mary Axe may be my favourite address of all time.

3. Being home for summer and getting to cuddle my cat. Nothing says “I love you” like four sets of claws in your thigh.

4. Lazy Sundays with the boy, sleeping in late and making bacon & eggs for brunch. And teasing him about his hangover – that never gets old!

5. Checked shirts. I almost can’t wait for Autumn to arrive, I’ve been snuggling up in my brother’s hooded shirts when it gets a little chilly in the evenings.

What’s made you happy this week?

Getting crafty #2

Ok, so I disappeared for a short while – sorry! I had a lovely few days away with the boyfriend in Brighton, and then left my laptop charger behind. A subsequent move up the country to university, and it’s taken a little while for my laptop and its charger to be reunited. But we are now all powered up and ready to get blogging again! Without further ado…

In the second part of my crafty post series, I thought I’d show you this card I made. My mum is running holiday clubs for some local older people and they’re going to be making these soon, so I got tasked with doing a trial run to see if it could be done easily in the allotted time.


Known as iris patterns, all you need is a blank card with three sides and a cut-out hole (we bought these pre-cut from our local sell-everything shop), your pattern outline (get one online, just print it out to the right size) and four different coloured sets of strips of paper/card (Wilko’s sell packs of plain & coloured paper that are perfect for this).


Take the pattern and blue tack it onto the face of your card, pattern down, so that when you open up the inside, you can see the pattern through the cut-out. Then take your first strip of paper, approx 1cm wide, and lay it over the bit marked ‘1’. Make sure the pattern is face down – you should be looking at the back of it, so the pattern will show out of the front of the card. Tape the ends down and trim it to make sure it fits within that section of the card. Then take a second patterned/coloured piece and lay it over the bit marked ‘2’. Tape, trim, and apply piece 3 (another colour) in the same way, then piece 4 (another colour). Piece 5 should be the same pattern/colour as piece 1, piece 6 the same as piece 2, etc etc.


Keep going until you’ve covered all the spaces on your pattern, then remove the pattern – you should have a sort of spiral effect with the pieces of paper, with each quarter in a different pattern or colour.


Then you can either put a little picture in the middle, or fold the back piece of card over and write a short message in the gap. If you want a bigger space, just use less rounds of paper.

They really are more simple than they look, right? This one took me all of fifteen minutes to do, and I’m going to use it as a birthday card for my boyfriend’s mum – nothing says brownie points like a handmade card.


Do you make your own cards? Or – *gasp* – do you buy handmade cards off Etsy and pass them off as your own? Or (like me 99% of the time) do you just run to Paperchase every time you need one? Feed me card-related comments!

August wishlist – Aldo, Zara, Essie & more

Wishlist #1

I thought I’d share a bit of my current wishlist with you today. And my first attempt at creating an image set with Polyvore!

First on my wishlist is this Zara City bag in black.  Always in fashion yet professional looking, it’s the perfect bag for carrying absolutely everything you need in style. As much as I love a bit of colour, a black bag can really accent any outfit, and the City bag’s strap options mean you can carry it any which way you like. I’d take this to uni with me, as it’s big enough to lug around textbooks but smart enough to take to hospital clinics.

This isn’t the only luggage item on my wishlist this month though, as I’m lusting after Anorak‘s Kissing Bears wash bag. How cute? Sadly the awesome polar bear print has been discontinued, so I’m in a rush to snap one of these up before they’re gone for good. There’s a massive range of wash bags in this print, from small flat bags to squarer ‘box’ types, but I’m after two of the larger ones – a 30x30cm bag with two sections that would be perfect for bottles of shampoo & conditioner, and a 28x18x7cm medium bag that would carry all my skincare products neatly. I’m living in five different places in the upcoming year, anything that solves my travel nightmares is definitely on my wishlist! If you’re keen but not a polar bear fan (how could you not be though, really?), they also do horses, rabbits, hedgehogs, birds… Go check them out!

These brown wedge trainers from Aldo (which are in the sale right now, hint hint) are ideal for a twist on a casual outfit, throw them on with jeans and a blazer for a shopping trip or dress down a girly skirt with them. Trainers are always my go-to casual shoe, but I usually stick to Converse All Stars. These Aldo wedges would be a nice move towards more interesting outfit choices – I’m not brave enough to sport Aldo’s studded version just yet!

Where I shy away from studs on clothing, I’m totally up for some pointy jewellery in the form of this bunting necklace from Asos.  The chunky chain gives it a punk edge, whilst the blue triangles are a neat skip away from monochrome whilst staying subtly stylish.

It couldn’t be a wishlist of mine without some beauty products, so I’ve picked out these two items of make up to finish off my summer. L’Oreal True Match foundation is going to save me from my nightmare of finding that my Lancome Teint Ultra is now several shades too pale for my face. I’m really excited about finding my perfect shade in this range – I’ve already had a go on the online colour swatcher and I think I’m either Rose Vanilla or just plain Vanilla. What’s isn’t plain anything is Essie’s Mojito Madness polish. I know this is a really popular polish so I’ve picked it as my first foray into Essie’s products. My nail polish collection is mostly blues, pinks and purples, so it’d be great to inject some variety into it with this vibrant green from last year’s summer collection. I’m also rather tempted by the new summer release of Naughtily Nautical…

What’s on your wishlist right now?

Getting crafty #1

When I was a kid, six week summer holidays felt like an age. In order to stop my sibling and I from killing each other, my mum used to get us doing arts & crafts type activties. Many a rainy August day was spent with my nose inches away from a Painting-By-Numbers ‘canvas’, and somehow this ‘summer = craft stuff time’ thing has stuck with me, even if primary school was over 13 years ago now.

I’d like to say I’m beyond Painting By Numbers by now, but I’ve got the London Bridge PBN in my uni flat waiting to be finished! I’m less inclined to stick to the prescribed colour pattern these days though – I want to experiment with a neon inverted pattern next…. In the meantime and in the absence of my trusty PBN kits for painting fun, I stuck with big brushes and simple stuff for today’s summer craft.

My new bedroom at home was in need of some homely touches, so I gave this old corkboard a bit of revitalisation with white emulsion (Dulux Pure Brilliant White) and some purple paint (I think it’s Wilko’s Powder Purple – it was a very old pot!).


Totally forgot to take a ‘before’ photo (bad blogger, I know), but all it took was a bit of masking tape to mark out the stripes, which are about an inch wide. Just splodge paint everywhere, cork is such a good material for this that it just looks good regardless of how neatly you paint. The wooden top took a few coats, but this was more to do with my old split paint than the board itself. An old shoelace through the hook on the back secured it to the two old nails in my wall, and hey presto – a unique pin board that jazzes up the area above my dresser.



I had the painting bug by this point, so I gave my house key a quick make over with nail polish – No7 Cheeky Chops for a bright base and then Natural Collection Crystal Clear for a protective top coat. A little warning – it took like all day to dry fully! It was touch dry within minutes, but put it on any surface for a while and it would start sticking to it. My tip? Stand the key in the rings of a bound notebook with a cotton pad underneath to save your desk if it falls.



Now my home key stands out from my flat keys, and I can’t go picking up my sibling’s keys by accident cos it’s so easy to spot. A perfect cheap customisable alternative to key covers (though I do have some epic glow in the dark skull covers somewhere, I should dig those out again!).



Have you done anything crafty lately? Let me know in the comments!