Weekly Wishlist #4 – Unicorns!


I named my blog Inner Unicorn because I’m still a little bit gutted to discover that unicorns apparently don’t exist*. So my inner unicorn is that bit of me that still believes in the stuff of daydreams. And I’m a big fan of mystical ponies. The problem with being 24 (I had to think for a second before writing an actual number there, most of the time I think I’m still about 19) is that wearing glittery, pink, unicorn stuff in public is a bit embarrassing.

So, these are my top unicorn themed things to be seen in/with, whilst still being totally cool.

*Don’t get me started on narwhals. I don’t understand how they get to be real but unicorns don’t. Someone needs to have a word with Noah about what kind of bizarre criteria he had for letting things on his boat.

1. This sweater is perfect for the colder weather that’s arriving (boo!!) and grey marl is just so cosy. And the print is awesome; it’s really sad when someone steals your unicorn, but at least you can advertise for its return right on your front. The sweater is Zoe Karssen at Matches and it’s a little bit pricy, but totally worth it.

2. Unicorns make great pets. This one is doing a fab job of holding someone’s rings. How useful would a unicorn be in your house? Get this one from Urban Outfitters (US site only – come on UK UO, give us more unicorns!).

3. We all know unicorns are magical, so let them fix your war wounds too. These plasters are funky and totally beat a bit of elastoplast for fantasy style. The place I found them from is out of stock, but it seems that you can get them from Amazon at the moment instead.

4. I can’t believe I’m endorsing something by Tulisa, but it seems she beat me to this ‘unicorns are cool’ thing and created a whole range of clothes for Bank with a unicorn print. And it’s not as trashy as you might expect… This is a nice demure pink skater skirt with a navy blue unicorn print to set you apart from the standard navy on pink polka dots I’ve been seeing everywhere. And it’s in the sale right now at only £10!

5. Topshop’s nail polish in ‘Unicorn’ is a cutesy pink with a proper glitter kick to it. I’d love to use this as an accent nail alongside something a little more grown up looking! Some reviews have suggested it’s more of a top coat than an actual pink base though, so I’d layer it over black to let the glitter show up better.

6. For more of a classy take on the unicorn theme, Pandora have created a gorgeous charm in sterling silver with a 14ct gold horn. This is definitely going on my Christmas list! Yes, I said the C word – it’s autumn, I can totally say it now.

What do you think to this week’s wishlist?


Weekly Wishlist #3 – Back to School!

wishlist #3
I know loads of schools went back this week, some unis started freshers… I’ve been back at uni (my sixth and hopefully final year!) for a few weeks now, but wanted to post this wishlist of what I’d wear to lectures. I’ve tried to pick stuff I’d naturally put together in one outfit.
Let’s start with the clothes: a French Connection geeky cat tee teamed with red Zara skinny jeans. Anyone who hasn’t discovered Zara jeans is seriously missing out – they’re so comfortable and they come in an awesome range of fits and colours. I love this red pair for their slightly burnished, autumny look; perfect for this term. The cat tee is just too cute to say no to!
I clearly spent too much time looking at colour wheels in art class and not enough time actually doing anything, because the only thing I know is that red and green are great ‘opposite’ colours to pair together – though I’d put them together as accents on plainer outfits rather than a whole red/green shabang, else you look a little bit like a Christmas elf… Awks. This Cambridge satchel is a great choice for classes – durable leather in a style that never ages, in a range of awesome colours. Go green!
Add a stylish edge to your school style with lashings of black eyeliner – this Revlon one gives intensely black lines but gives you the precision to decide if you want a fine outline or something bolder. It’s my aim this year to finally master the liquid liner! Saying goodbye to smudgy panda eyes for good! As a little accessory for this outfit, I’d go for this chunky chain bangle from ASOS. It’s toned down biker-chic.
So, that’s my uni wishlist – a cat wearing my glasses on a tee, bright skinny jeans with a contrasting colour satchel, and some bold make up and accessories.
What are you wearing to classes this semester?

Weekly Wishlist #2

Wishlist #2

I really enjoyed putting together my August wishlist, so I’ve decided to make this more of a weekly thing – the hardest bit will be not throwing my credit card after everything on the lists! Got to admit I already splurged on the Essie polish on my last wishlist, I’ll show you it sometime soon!

This week I’ve gone for things I think would work well together – I’d totally wear these items on a date night with the boyfriend or for drinks with the girls.

The Whistles clutch has been on my dream wishlist for what seems like ever. I love the simple style of it, it’s subtle and classy. The only thing better than a LBD is a LBB – little black bag! And the slim profile of it means thinking about what you’re throwing in there; this is a phone/cards/keys/lipgloss only kind of bag!

I saw these ASOS shoes in the sale a while back and ummed and aahed for so long that they sold out in my size (if you have baby size 4 feet, though, go go go!! There’s still a few pairs left!). There’s way too much foot on show for me to wear these to ‘work’, but if you work in any kind of office job these would be fab, and they can totally pull off an evening out too. I love the grey faux-suede – my shoe closet is never without a good grey, they’re the ultimate in pairing with anything.

And my first choice for that anything item would be Topshop’s amazing forest tube skirt. Look at the colours! Look at the print! Are you already typing in your delivery address on their website too? Or is that just me? I think the print makes it a bit more forgiving if you wouldn’t normally think of squeezing into a tube skirt, so this is a great first foray into that look. And they’re actually really comfy – I have Topshop’s liquorice allsort tube skirt and wore it to a dinner where I knew I was gonna be walking out with the food baby of the century. Elasticated waistband ftw.

Ok, away from food babies and on to something more mature – Clarins make up. Yet these eye pencils are almost anything but mature; check out that turquoise. Demure it is not. It’s the purple I’ve really got my eye on, though, as I think it goes with such a variety of eye colours, not to mention picking out the purpleish tree trunks on that skirt.

To finish off that outfit, a little drop of silver in the form of this Oliver Bonas heart ring. Just a bit more interesting than a plain band, that tiny heart adds a touch of cuteness. And it’s under £20 – what more could you want?

What did you think to today’s wishlist?

August wishlist – Aldo, Zara, Essie & more

Wishlist #1

I thought I’d share a bit of my current wishlist with you today. And my first attempt at creating an image set with Polyvore!

First on my wishlist is this Zara City bag in black.  Always in fashion yet professional looking, it’s the perfect bag for carrying absolutely everything you need in style. As much as I love a bit of colour, a black bag can really accent any outfit, and the City bag’s strap options mean you can carry it any which way you like. I’d take this to uni with me, as it’s big enough to lug around textbooks but smart enough to take to hospital clinics.

This isn’t the only luggage item on my wishlist this month though, as I’m lusting after Anorak‘s Kissing Bears wash bag. How cute? Sadly the awesome polar bear print has been discontinued, so I’m in a rush to snap one of these up before they’re gone for good. There’s a massive range of wash bags in this print, from small flat bags to squarer ‘box’ types, but I’m after two of the larger ones – a 30x30cm bag with two sections that would be perfect for bottles of shampoo & conditioner, and a 28x18x7cm medium bag that would carry all my skincare products neatly. I’m living in five different places in the upcoming year, anything that solves my travel nightmares is definitely on my wishlist! If you’re keen but not a polar bear fan (how could you not be though, really?), they also do horses, rabbits, hedgehogs, birds… Go check them out!

These brown wedge trainers from Aldo (which are in the sale right now, hint hint) are ideal for a twist on a casual outfit, throw them on with jeans and a blazer for a shopping trip or dress down a girly skirt with them. Trainers are always my go-to casual shoe, but I usually stick to Converse All Stars. These Aldo wedges would be a nice move towards more interesting outfit choices – I’m not brave enough to sport Aldo’s studded version just yet!

Where I shy away from studs on clothing, I’m totally up for some pointy jewellery in the form of this bunting necklace from Asos.  The chunky chain gives it a punk edge, whilst the blue triangles are a neat skip away from monochrome whilst staying subtly stylish.

It couldn’t be a wishlist of mine without some beauty products, so I’ve picked out these two items of make up to finish off my summer. L’Oreal True Match foundation is going to save me from my nightmare of finding that my Lancome Teint Ultra is now several shades too pale for my face. I’m really excited about finding my perfect shade in this range – I’ve already had a go on the online colour swatcher and I think I’m either Rose Vanilla or just plain Vanilla. What’s isn’t plain anything is Essie’s Mojito Madness polish. I know this is a really popular polish so I’ve picked it as my first foray into Essie’s products. My nail polish collection is mostly blues, pinks and purples, so it’d be great to inject some variety into it with this vibrant green from last year’s summer collection. I’m also rather tempted by the new summer release of Naughtily Nautical…

What’s on your wishlist right now?